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Automatic glass cutting line comes with automatic loading system and glass breaking table and designed for straight and shapes cutting of float glass using the diamond cutting wheel technology.
Choose Your Model
We have many different sizes of models. Choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Maximum glass size 3700×2550 mm 6100×3210 mm 8100×3300 mm
Glass thickness 3-19 mm 3-19 mm 3-19 mm
Maximum glass cutting speed 150 m/min 150 m/min 150 m/min
Tolerance ± 0.20 mm ± 0.20 mm ± 0.20 mm
Breaking bars 2+1 3+1 4+1
Machine Dimensions
W 2850 mm 3700 mm 5700 mm
L 17000 mm 26750 mm 35000 mm
H 2650 mm 3400 mm 3600 mm
W1 5000 mm 9000 mm 11000 mm
L1 4000 mm 7000 mm 9000 mm
L2 5200 mm 7200 mm 9200 mm
L3 4600 mm 6200 mm 8200 mm
Configure Your Line
Configure your line and factory area according to your needs and preferences with CMS Glass Machinery. FCL Series has a long-lasting structure and stable design to help you minimize your operating costs.
Automatic Glass Loading Robot
Automatic glass cutting line has automatic glass loading robot (FYM) which is designed for automatic removal of vertically positioned glass sheets on stock stands and transfer them horizontally to the automatic glass cutting table for continous glass cutting.
Automatic Glass Cutting Table
Automatic glass cutting table with transfer belt (FCM) is designed for cutting of rectangular and shaped glass at maximum quality and speed. The glass cutting table has its own integrated transfer belts for easy glass transferring between the sections for continous glass cutting.
Fixed Glass Breaking Table
Our automatic glass cutting line for cutting of float glass has fixed glass breaking table (Ops.KM) which is specially designed for breaking & sorting cut glass pieces. It has air cushion system for easy glass moving and breaker bars for easy glass seperation.
We have variety of features standard in our machines as well as optional features which you can choose and configure and enhance your machine.
Automatic Straight & Shape Glass Cutting
Our glass cutting machines are ready as standard for cutting all kinds of straight an shapes on glass. They can be loaded from the default library, imported from a dxf file or loaded directly through the glass optimization software.
Automatic Speed & Pressure Adjustment
The control software recognizes the type of glass and assigns the optimum pressure and speed for cutting the glass. Pressure can be adjusted according to the speed to always cut at the maximum speed and at the highest quality.
Vinyl Film Applied Glass Cutting Feature
Special designed glass cutting wheel adapted to cut vinyl applied glass automatically with our glass cutting table. As it has the different system than the normal cutting tool, it keeps its functionalities achieving high quality cuts for vinyl glass.
Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass Edge Deletion
Surface removal system on Low-E glass (optional feature) is the ideal solution for occasional productions of low emissivity glass. We offer two different solution.
Brush Low-E Edge Deletion
With this solution (Ops.GKM.BED) our glass cutting machines can do edge deletion and removal of low-emissivity film via a motorised metal brush from glass edges.
Wheel Low-E Edge Deletion
With this solution (Ops.GKM.WED) our glass cutting machines can do wider edge deletion and removal of low-emissivity film via servo motor driven grinding wheel.
Glass Marking System
This feature (optional) provides marking on each glass piece by label-sticking on glass pieces that is cut. Thanks to our automatic glass marking technologies tracking of the glass in the production stages will always be easier than ever.
Label / Glass Marking System
This solution (Ops.GKM.LMS) can be fitted on our automatic glass cutting machines with total flexibility on the label position and on the printed text with all glass details, customer or manufacturer details and so on.
Automatic Glass Alignment
The glass cutting machine automatically calculates the rotation of the glass on the table and applies the pertinent software level correction, making the physical squaring of the sheet unnecessary.
Glass Optimization Software
Our glass cutting machines include a powerful glass optimization software on the control panel as standard for creating and managing optimizations for minimum waste of glass in cutting process.
Recipe Management
In this machine we offer advanced recipe management system which can save your custom settings like different glass types, different glass thickness and many more information for later usage which makes the usage of the machine more easy for any operator who use the machine.
Operator Panel
We offer advanced but very easy to use control panel system which improves the operability of the machine, but also offer an outstanding design and advanced technology. This innovative control panel system we have developed comes with remote control access system for aftersales purposes.
Remote Access System
Remote technical assistance system based on a set of software tools that allows authorized staff of our after sales services to manage maintenance or assistance tasks anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Access via the Internet is always done with the prior consent of the customer.
With its loading robot, the line is able to load glass sheets from the different glass racks automatically from both sides. Standard shapes, imported shapes or scanned shapes can be cut with ease. The CNC program automatically adjusts the maximum axis speed for cutting process regarding the optimization results and minimizes the movement of the axis and ensures the shortest possible cutting and grinding times.
  • Fully automated glass cutting system for float glass
  • Fast, accurate and stable cutting performance
  • Automatic glass loading from both sides
  • Extremely robust structural design
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