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Automatic glass loading robot is designed to load glass sheets automatically from storage racks which stands vertically positioned by both sides and automatically tilts them to the horizontal position for cutting process. The loading arms are equipped with suction cups and the mechanism operated by hydraulic system.
Choose Your Model
We have many different sizes of models. Choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Maximum glass size 3700×2550 mm 4000×2850 mm 6000×3210 mm
Glass thickness 3-19 mm 3-19 mm 3-19 mm
Glass loading depth from the rack 400 mm (opt. 1000 mm) 400 mm (opt. 1000 mm) 1000 mm


Loading of the glass is performed automatically by control panel. The loading system is able to load glass sheets from both sides and from different glass racks according to glass sizes and thicknesses. The loading arms are equipped with suction cups and the mechanism operated by hydraulic system.


  • Easy glass loading with robotic structure
  • Glass loading ability from both sides
  • Easy integration to existing our any other brand of glass cutting machines
  • Extremely robust structural design


Both Side Glass Loading

Our automatic glass loading system is designed load the glass sheets from both sides of the line.

Movement in X and Y Axis

In our design our automatic glass loading system can move in X and Y axis to load the glass sheets from different stock stands automatically according to glass optimization results and order system.

Glass Loading from 1000mm depth

Optionally, our automatic glass loading robot can load the glass sheets from 1000 mm depth stock stands.

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