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Glass bevelling machine is designed for grinding and polishing a bevel edge, with bottom round edger of glass with different size and thickness.
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Motor quantity 9
Minimum glass size 250×250 mm
Maximum glass size 2500×2500 mm
Glass thickness 3-19 mm
Processing speed 0.5-8 m/min
Bevel degree 3-45°


Rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing of bevel and grinding of bottom edge can be completed in one time. Processing thickness, angle and remaining thickness appears on digital display. The processing speed is adjustable with a step-less motor which offers a wide range of speed selection. Input and output conveyor adopt timing belt which can improve the transmission precision. The grinding wheels are indirectly connected to the motor by a belt to reduce vibration. It has high efficiency and precision, stable quality, easy operation and low wear.


  • Fast, accurate and stable glass bevelling
  • Easy to transport, easy to install
  • Compact and space effective design
  • Extremely robust structural design


Rough Fine Edging and Polishing

With our latest innovated technology the glass is processed with rough, fine bevelling at the end of the process.
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