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Glass horizontal drilling machine is a cold processing machine which is easy to drill holes on sheets of glass and is equipped with upper and lower drilling bit.
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Glass thickness 3-19 mm
Hole diameter Ø4-Ø160 mm
Table height 850 mm
Glass Drilling Machine
W 2500 mm
L 2150 mm
H 1750 mm
Glass drilling machine adopts pneumatic glass clamping, sues upper and lower drill bits to drill holes, the lower drill can go up automatically, the position and speed can be adjusted. With automatic feeding function, the worktable can move up and down pneumatically. The machine can be used for continuous mass production and processing.
  • Fast, accurate and stable glass drilling
  • A cylinder drives the lower drill bit while the upper bit is operated by manual
  • Easy to transport, easy to install
  • Compact and space effective design
  • Extremely robust structural design
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