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IGS4.0 Automatic Glass Sealing Robot
IGS4.0 Automatic Glass Sealing Robot


Servo motor driven automatic glass sealing robot carries out the final sealing of the insulated glass units, providing accurate sealing of the angles and assuring high operating speed. With its robotic structure, the machine automatically can seal double, triple and structural (step, facade) glasses with maximum quality.
Choose Your Model
We have many different sizes of models. Choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Technical Parameters
Maximum glass size 3000×2000 mm
4000×2000 mm
5000×2000 mm
6000×2000 mm
3000×2500 mm
4000×2500 mm
5000×2500 mm
6000×2500 mm
3000×2800 mm
4000×2800 mm
5000×2800 mm
6000×2800 mm
4000×3300 mm
5000×3300 mm
6000×3300 mm
Max. IGU thickness 60 mm (optionally 100 mm) 60 mm (optionally 100 mm) 60 mm (optionally 100 mm) 60 mm (optionally 100 mm)
Max. flow rate 5 lt/min 5 lt/min 5 lt/min 5 lt/min
Automatic Glass Sealing Robot
Technical Details
Configure Your Line
Configure your line and factory area according to your needs and preferences with CMS Glass Machinery. IGS4.0 Series has a long-lasting structure and stable design to help you minimize your operating costs.
Conveyor System
Conveyor System
Thanks to the modular conveyor system, you can configure your line as desired, either at the time of order or afterwards. IGS conveyors are developed with a dual station not only to create a stock area but also to increase your production capacity.
Sealant Applicator
Sealant Applicator
The sealant applicator, enriched with dimensions and technological functions (modular structure, strong & durable, high speed and precision and easy installation) has been developed to increase application speed and quality.
Pump System
Pump System
The compact and powerful sealant preparation group has a suitable infrastructure for both dynamic and static mixers.
Conveyor System
Conveyor System
Always clean system with the integrated roller belt cleaning system. Our conveyor system has middle glass support, palletized transport legs, easy maintenance advantages and pad replacement system.
Automatic Glass Sealing Robot
Jumbo / Tandem Line Compatibility
It provides the opportunity for the production of insulated glass in Jumbo dimensions in a single operation. With this compatibility, your line can be converted to a tandem/Jumbo glass sealing line at a low cost in the future.
Pump System
Adding an extra pump (Opt. APS) to the system allows to use different type of compound when required. Second pump system can also be used as a ready-to-use replacement pump. Preventing interruption of production during barrel replacement also provides a separate advantage.
Dynamic Mixer Technology
Dynamic Mixer Technology
The dynamic mixer (optional feature) is the most effective way to take control of pressure and flow while achieving the best mixture. It has custom-designed rotor system, high mixing torque, dynamic control, automatic cleaning system and low system pressure.
Step Glass/Structural Glass Sealing
Step Glass/Structural Glass Sealing
Developed using precisely positionable mechanisms for safe and stable pressing of facade glass. This is an optional feature of the machine which can be added on request.
Shaped Glass Sealing
Sealing of shaped glasses (optional feature) from the CMS shape library can be executed seamlessly without errors. Our system is designed to accurately accommodate and process various shapes, ensuring the highest quality in the sealing process.
Sealing for Schüco Profiles
Schüco Spacer Sealing
With this optional feature our servo motor driven automatic glass sealing robot can seal Schüco spacers at maximum quality.
Automatic Glass Sealing Robot
Uninterrupted Sealing with Dual Pump
Our system ensures seamless and continuous sealing operations through the utilization of a dual pump system. This innovative feature enhances reliability, providing uninterrupted performance during the sealing process for optimal efficiency and consistent results. This function works if an additional pump system ordered.
Pump System
Dual Component Tank and Pump System
Our system can be equipped with a dual-component tank and pump system an optionally. This advanced feature allows for the simultaneous and independent management of two different components, optimizing efficiency and flexibility in various processes for enhanced performance.
Inlet/Outlet Stock Side Wall
Inlet/Outlet Stock Side Wall
The easiest way to absorb delays stemming from previous and subsequent processes and to increase efficiency. Additional side walls can be ordered optionally.
Automatic Glass Sealing Robot
Sealant Recognition System
Sealant brand change, tank change, and dynamic flow optimization is performed by detecting the flow characteristic that occurs due to temperature change during the day. This is an optional feature and can be ordered.
Automatic Glass Sealing Robot
Head Centering System
It ensures the centering of the applicator by automatically detecting the curves formed in tempered and jumbo size insulated glass units. This is an optional feature and can be ordered.
Recipe Management
In this machine we offer advanced recipe management system which can save your custom settings.
Operator Panel
We offer advanced but very easy to use control panel system which improves the operability of the machine, but also offer an outstanding design and advanced technology. This innovative control panel system we have developed comes with remote control access system for aftersales purposes.
Remote Access
Remote technical assistance system based on a set of software tools that allows authorized staff of our after sales services to manage maintenance or assistance tasks anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Access via the Internet is always done with the prior consent of the customer.
Our special designed conveyor system, which has no contact with the insulating glass units during the sealing phase, minimises panel smears, reduces friction on glass sheets and allows to process big and heavyweight units. Optionally, if the two pump system is chosen, different sealing materials (polysulphide, silicon, polyurethane) or same materials can be used as sealing. The two pump system can be used as; Polysulphide – polysulphide, silicon-silicon, polyurethane-polyurethane, polysulphide-silicon, polyurethane-polysulphide or polyurethane-silicon. The system has PC based control panel that replaces all the manual functions, for user-friendly machine operation.
  • Dynamic mixer technology (optional feature)
  • Double glass sealing
  • Triple glass sealing
  • Structural/Facade glass sealing (optional feature)
  • Sealing of Schüco spacers (optional feature)
  • Dual component and tank system (optional feature)
  • Sealing of Schüco spacers (optional feature)
  • Sealant recognition system (optional feature)
  • Head centering system (optional feature)
  • Additional inlet/outlet glass stock wall (optional feature)
  • Remote access feature for after sales purposes
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