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Butyl Extruder
BE7 - Butyl Extruder


Butyl extruder is designed to make primary sealing of different thickness spacer bars for insulated glass units.
Choose Your Model
We have many different sizes of models. Choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Tank capacity 7 kg
Band speed 22 m/min
Spacer thickness 6-40 mm
Spacer height 6 mm (Optional: 6-35 mm)
Butyl Extruder Layout
W 730 mm
L 3025 min
H 1250 mm
H1 900 mm
We have variety of features standard in our machines as well as optional features which you can choose and configure and enhance your machine.
Control Panel
With our state-of-the-art, innovative and ergonomic control panel, all your butyl drawing processes take place automatically under your control. With our software designed.
Adjustable Working Height
Thanks to the adjustable working height (optional), you can easily apply butyl on large size spacers. With this feature, you can adjust the working height of your operator according to the height of your operator and adjust a more comfortable working environment.
Always Ready to Work
With the timer system, determine which days and times your machine will heat automatically and at what hours it will turn off. Thanks to this feature, when you come to your workplace, your machine will be ready for butyl application, and will automatically switch to cooling off at the end of working hours and shut itself down.
Applying Butyl to Special Spacers
Apply Butyl To Special Spacers
As an optional feature you can apply butyl to special spacers like Schüco.
Applying Butyl to Round Spacers
Apply Butyl to Round Spacers
As an optional feature, you can apply butyl to round spacers with adjustable recipe system.
Adjustable Rotating Speed
Warm Up in Short Time
Warm-up time only 20 minutes (may vary depending on ambient temperature).
Accurate Temperature Setting
Accurate Temperature Setting
Proportional temperature adjustment (PID) with proportional integral differential controller.
Recipe System
Recipe System
With the recipe system we have integrated into our software, we enable you to start the butyl withdrawal process quickly without losing time based on predefined spacer thickness, butyl application speed data.
Adjustable Rotating Speed
Set Your Speed
As an optional feature, you can easily adjust your butyl application speed on the operator panel as you wish
Sensor controlled guide rollers ensure optimal stabilisation of the frame and this enables consistent coating. Opening and closing of the coating nozzles are controlled automatically. The integrated measurement device for frame widths ensures continuous nozzle adjustment. The coating speed can be set individually. The height of the machine can be adjusted on the control panel regarding operator’s decision. The touch screen panel ease all the operations of the machine. A timer enables the pre-heating of butyl ahead of the start of operation. Automatic start and stop system which can be set by operator panel. By this feature, the machine will be ready to start automatically in working hours and stop afterwards.
  • Adjustment system for spacer thickness
  • Timing system for automatic opening and stopping
  • Adjustable heating system
  • Adjustable working speed (optional)
  • Spacer fixing system
  • Recipe saving system
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Remote technical assistance
  • Extremely robust structural design
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