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Freezer, is used for two component extruders (silicone/polysulphide/polyurethane extruders) to prevent the material in the mixing group from curing at stand by periods more than 10 min.
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We have many different sizes of models. Choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Minimum working temperature -35 °C
Maximum working temperature +50 °C
W 700 mm
L 700 mm
H 1100 mm
Machine Features
We have variety of features standard in our machines as well as optional features which you can choose and configure and enhance your machine.
Adjustable Working Temperature
Adjustable Operating Temperature
Our machine offers the flexibility of adjusting operating temperatures to suit specific requirements. This feature allows operator to modify and set the temperature, providing optimal performance for different conditions.
Stainless Steel
Complete Stainless Steel Body
Our machine features a body made from stainless steel. This durable and corrosion-resistant material provides a robust structure, ensuring longevity and maintaining hygienic standards for optimal performance and reliability.”
The operator put sealing gun of the glass sealing extruder into the cold tank of the freezer for stopping of chemical process in the mixer in break times. To unfreeze the gun the operator uses the hot tank of the freezer for continue to work.
  • Stainless steel body
  • Cold and hot tank system
  • Cold camera for avoiding the hardening of material in the system
  • Hot camera for achievement the operating temperature of mixing material
  • Easy to transport, easy to install
  • Compact and space effective design
  • The easily adjustable operating temperature
  • Extremely robust structural design
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