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Automatic desiccant filling machine fills both sides of the spacer frame simultaneously with a desiccant drying agent for production of insulated glass units.
Choose Your Model
We have many different sizes of models. Choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Minimum frame size 250×250 mm
Maximum working height 2800 mm
Spacer thickness 6-30 mm
Fraction of desiccant material 0,5 – 0,8 mm
W 1200 mm
L 1200 mm
H 3500 mm
We have variety of features standard in our machines as well as optional features which you can choose and configure and enhance your machine.
Fully Automatic Desiccant Filling
Our automatic desiccant filling machine can automatically fill desiccant material to the spacer frames just at required amount. Thanks to its well designed compact structure the machine occupy the minimum area in your production facility. 
Material Tank
We have continuous monitoring of the dehumidifier material level in the tank, providing real-time updates on its condition. Additionally, our electric heating system ensures the dehumidifier material remains warm and readily available for use, optimizing its effectiveness and usability within the system.
Adjustable Working Height
For oversized spacer frames the machine height can be adjusted up up and down. Thanks to adjustable working height the spacer frames can be filled with a desiccant material easily. By this feature the operator can use the machine at maximum comfort.
Fill Rate Detection
Our automatic desiccant filling machine features fill rate detection to prevent wastage by collecting excess desiccants. This collected material is efficiently reused for refilling purposes, ensuring minimal material waste and maximizing the utilization of dehumidifiers and cost saving in your production.
Automatic Drilling And Closing
The machine has two automatic driller to open a hole on the spacer where the desiccant is filled into the spacer frame. The drillers will automatically opens a hole for desiccant filling and the hole will be closed automatically by butyl after filling process is done.
Operator Panel
We offer advanced but very easy to use control panel system which improves the operability of machines and systems, but also offer an outstanding design and advanced technology. This innovative control panel system we have developed is also coming with remote control access system for aftersales purposes.
Remote Access System
Remote technical assistance system based on a set of software tools that allows authorized staff of our after sales services to manage maintenance or assistance tasks anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Access via the Internet is always done with the prior consent of the customer.
This operation, like the subsequent closure of the holes by butyl material is performed automatically. The filling process is controlled by sensor system and when the spacer is filled with desiccant material completely, the filling operation will be stopped automatically.
  • Fully automated desiccant filling to spacers for insulated glass production
  • Fast, accurate and stable desiccant filling system
  • Compact and space effective design
  • Extremely robust structural design
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