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Automatic spacer bending machine is designed for fully automatic bending of bendable type aluminum spacers with different thicknesses used in the production of insulated glass. Optimization software provides minimum spacer waste.
Choose Your Model
We have many different sizes of models. Choose the most suitable model according to your needs.
Minimum bendable spacer size 250×250 mm
Maximum bendable spacer size 2000×2000 mm
Spacer thickness 6-24 mm
Bending allowance ±0,3 mm
L1 4400 mm
L2 6080 mm
H1 2600 mm
Configure Your Machine
We have variety of features standard in our machines as well as optional features which you can choose and configure and enhance your machine.
Fully Automatic Spacer Bending
Our automatic spacer bending machine can automatically bend your spacers in desired sizes at maximum speed with our servo motor driven technology solutions. Thanks to servo motor driven system we offer you excellent spacer bending with minimum spacer waste at correct sizes and angles always.
Automatic Spacer Adding System
Automatic spacer adding system we have designed delivers up to long spacer bars directly from spacer magazine system and connects together to have the endless spacers. By this feature the bending system will always have a spacer bar ready and that will give minimum waste of the spacer.
Stock Magazine System For Spacers
Thanks to spacer magazine stock system, different spacer types with different thicknesses can be stored easily. Magazine changes can be made at any time according to the required spacer type for bending. Our well designed spacer magazine system is also useful for space saving in your production.
Argon Gas Hole Driller
Automatic argon gas hole drilling feature (Opt. GFH) can be implemented to our automatic spacer bending machine as optionally on request. Automatic argon gas hole driller system is used to open a hole for argon gas filling on spacers which can be used with manual argon gas filling devices in insulating glass production.
Data Transfer System
Thanks to our in house software engineers we can optionally integrate a system (Opt. VTR) where our machine can receive spacer informations to bend. This system specially is designed to communicate with our glass cutting machines but it is also working with most of the glass cutting machines or through your ERP system.
Shaped Spacer Bending
Our automatic spacer bending machine can bend spacers for different shapes optionally (Opt. SSB) according to our in house developed CMS shape library. We have different shapes are already recorded in our software with variety of ready to choose shapes which are commonly used in insulating glass production.
Recipe Management
In this machine we offer advanced recipe management system which can save your custom settings like different glass types, different glass thickness and many more information for later usage which makes the usage of the machine more easy for any operator who use the machine.
Operator Panel
We offer advanced but very easy to use control panel system which improves the operability of the machine, but also offer an outstanding design and advanced technology. This innovative control panel system we have developed comes with remote control access system for aftersales purposes.
Remote Access System
Remote technical assistance system based on a set of software tools that allows authorized staff of our after sales services to manage maintenance or assistance tasks anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Access via the Internet is always done with the prior consent of the customer.
For aluminium spacers, as well as for filling with drying agent following bending. The automatic feeding system delivers up to long bars directly from storage and connects together to have the endless spacers. With its optimization software the machine makes optimization for bending and cutting for minimum waste. The system is based on PC and controlled by servo motors.
  • Fully automated spacer bending for insulated glass production
  • Fast, accurate and stable spacer bending system
  • Compact and space effective design
  • Extremely robust structural design
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